Public transport is one of the few places where people from all walks of life find themselves together. We often don’t really notice our fellow passengers, hooked instead to our screens or music, each in our own bubble. We are about to change this. In light of the Forum on European Culture, we asked artists to intervene in two of Amsterdam’s busy modes of public transportation to get passengers invested in the question: what journey are you on? And where do we want to go?

On the NDSM ferry, passengers will be surprised by the beautiful music of one of Europe’s most famous composers: Franz Schubert. Let yourself get carried away by the spellbinding voice of classical soprano Jet van Helbergen who will bring Schubert to life in a poetic gesture that echoes our European heritage.

Deze interventie heeft gespeeld op:

Forum on European Culture 2018

Jet van Helbergen 

De Bezetting Speelt