Collaboration with Cecilia Bengtsson

In the sound-sculpture 'Pendulum' the body of the singer is actively engaging with the body of the swinging object. Together they engage in a play where the sound waves of the voice are touching, moulding and reflecting. For a moment creating a ‘coming together’ and a hybrid. Bengtsson investigates the interval and the interrelations between bodies by means of experiences.

Density relation is a video loop capturing the moment of a falling object. The falling is interrupted and the object hangs mid-air while a classical singer in the other picture sings a long note. When the singer stops singing the object rushes down to its inevitable impact with the surface. Density relation is a work on tension and the unexpected force between inanimate and animate bodies.

Dit werk is tentoongesteld geweest bij:

Gallery Lumen Travo, Amsterdam 2016
LAB111, Amsterdam 2016
Project Space Goleb, Amsterdam 2017

concept en beeldhouwwerk
Cecilia Bengtsson

Jet van Helbergen