Collaboration with Cecilia Bengtsson

In the sound-sculpture 'Pendulum' the body of the singer is actively engaging with the body of the swinging object. Together they engage in a play where the sound waves of the voice are touching, moulding and reflecting. For a moment creating a ‘coming together’ and a hybrid. Bengtsson investigates the interval and the interrelations between bodies by means of experiences.

Density relation is a video loop capturing the moment of a falling object. The falling is interrupted and the object hangs mid-air while a classical singer in the other picture sings a long note. When the singer stops singing the object rushes down to its inevitable impact with the surface. Density relation is a work on tension and the unexpected force between inanimate and animate bodies.

concept en beeldhouwwerk
Cecilia Bengtsson

Jet van Helbergen

waar en wanneer
Hesitation at the gallery Lumen Travo in Amsterdam and at the re-opening of LAB111, Amsterdam (2016)

Re-Production at Mothers in Arts Residency hosted at Project Space Goleb (2017)